Export Development Guarantee

We help companies start or expand their export business through investments carried out in Poland. We provide the guarantee to the bank for the capital expenditure loan, thereby providing the security the bank requires to grant the loan.


  1. The entrepreneur can obtain a loan from a bank even when it requests additional security. The loan only covers 20% of a credit line at the bank, so that the entrepreneur is eligible to apply for even more financing.

  2. The exporter – or a future exporter - can invest in new machinery or facilities in order to boost its export production capacity.
  3. The bank shares the credit risk with KUKE as KUKE guarantees 80% of the value of the loan granted to the entrepreneur.
  4. Thanks to a guarantee or counter-guarantee provided by KUKE the bank can increase the volume of financing up to five times and thus increase its business profits. 

Eligibility criteria

The investment is to generate export sales, that is:

  • the investment must generate, on average, at least 20% of the entrepreneur’s export revenues in the last three years after its completion


  • the investment is carried out by an exporter whose sum of revenues from export sales in selected three out of the last five annual reporting periods before granting the guarantee is not less than 20%. the sum of sales revenues for the same selected reporting periods.

The minimum value of the loan granted is PLN 5 million. 

The maximum loan repayment period is 14 years.

How the Export Development Guarantee works

  1. Search for the investor. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) networks with foreign companies that are searching for a most suitable location to place their investments. PAIH presents the prospect with an investment offer in which access to extra financing (for scaling up existing or future export activities) is presented as one of the key benefits of choosing Poland as a location. PAIH looks for a confirmation that the future investment will generate sales supporting Poland’s exports.
  2. Lending bank. PAIH passes on the information about the prospected investor to KUKE. Seeking to arrange financing for the project, KUKE schedules a meeting with a lending bank.
  3. Project evaluation. KUKE and the bank jointly carry out an evaluation of the planned investment.
  4. Acceptance. If the risk of the investment is acceptable to both KUKE and the lending bank, they jointly submit the ivestor with an financing offer. All three parties negotiate and accept the terms of the financing.
  5. Financing. The bank provides the foreign investor (i.e. his company registered in Poland) with a loan secured by KUKE’s guarantee. The company invests in the growth of its business and repays the loan in accordance with the terms agreed upon earlier. As a Polish entity, the investor's company is eligible to access other export solutions offered by KUKE.
export development guarantee

How the Export Development Guarantee works

  1. Need for financing. A Polish entrepreneur planning to invest abroad turns to his bank for loan in order to carry out the investment.

  2. Finding solutions. When looking for ways to finance the investment, the bank, the entrepreneur, or both, turn to KUKE for a guarantee. The bank wants to share the credit risk with KUKE, the exporter needs access to credit without having to present additional security.
  3. Evaluation and acceptance. After evaluating the project, KUKE presents the bank with an offer for the Export Development Guarantee which will secure timely repayment of the loan.
  4. Financing. KUKE issues the Export Development Guarantee and the exporter obtains the bank loan.
  5. Service. The bank handles the investment loan. In case the loan is not repaid, KUKE provides the bank with a compensation specified in the guarantee.

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