Every business is different, every business is important.

We provide solutions which allow companies to grow their business safely at home and abroad.

We are the official Polish export credit agency. As the only insurance company in Poland, we are authorized to provide export insurance backed by the State Treasury, helping companies grow abroad.

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Tailored solutions

Small company

Secure your company's financial liquidity with credit insurance, guarantees and factoring.

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Large companies

We create solutions tailored to the specific needs of your company. We provide knowledge that supports the growth of your business - at home and abroad.

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We are a reliable partner in insuring and financing international trade.

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Why choose KUKE?
A reliable business partner
Over the past 30 years, thousands of Polish companies have benefited from our solutions enabling safe growth of their business in Poland and worldwide.

Our solutions

Do you have trouble selecting the right solution for your business? Contact us!
Our consultant will help you choose the right package of solutions to support your company's foreign expansion.
How to choose
the best solution?
It takes only 3 steps
  1. Contact us
    The most important thing is the financial security of your business. Tell us what problems you are struggling with, and our specialists will advise you which solution is best suited for your business.

    We have many years of experience in working with companies regardless of their size or industry.
  2. Fill out an application, so we can get to know your business
    Our solutions are tailored to the current situation and the specifics of your company. Fill out the application and survey in which you tell us more about your business and we will get back to you with our best offer.

    No strings attached, no risk.
  3. Find out more about the costs and make a decision
    You will receive a specific offer of proposed solutions with information about their costs.

    You will judge for yourself how little is needed to effectively secure your company's finances.

News and insights

Over the past 30 years, thousands of Polish companies* have benefited from our solutions enabling safe growth of their business in Poland and worldwide.
*from small family businesses, through medium-sized companies to the largest international corporations