About KUKE

We are experts in trade insurance and trade finance. Our solutions in the form of credit insurance, as well as guarantees or factoring currently provide liquidity and funds for the growth of thousands Polish enterprises.
Unique set of solutions
Years of experience and know-how
We support Polish enterprises regardless of size or business sector
Creativity, quick response to changes in the environment and, above all, giving priority to the client’s interests are inscribed in our DNA. We do not only provide solutions, but also help our customers safely grow their business by sharing our knowledge and experience of operating in international markets.

Key business figures

of active support for Polish companies
insured export markets
billion PLN
insured export and domestic transactions
insurance policies and guarantees

The official export credit agency

We are the official Polish export credit agency. As the only insurance company in Poland, we are authorized to provide export insurance backed by the State Treasury, helping companies grow abroad. Currently our cover spans 200 export markets – from Canada to Indonesia and from Mexico to the United Arab Emirates.

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We work with banks on their clients' export transactions.

We cover bank loans financing export projects against credit risk and political risk. By taking on the risk we allow for a successful conclusion of many deals which otherwise might have fallen through. As a result, our partnership with banks has a positive impact on the development and expansion of Polish companies abroad. We support all types of projects: building of a ship, construction of a hotel or a gas pumping station, delivery of production lines, trains, buses or acquisition of a rival company abroad or opening a factory in a foreign market are just some of the projects in which we have been involved in the past.

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Customers we’ve helped

We support Polish companies irrespective of their size or business sector. Our customers can count on our help when doing business in Poland and beyond its borders. We continue to grow together with our clients.

Our solutions

Small companies

Grow your business safely at home and abroad.

  • Protect your business against the risk of customer’s non-payment.
  • Free up cash frozen in unpaid invoices and improve your company's financial liquidity.
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Large companies

Manage credit and investment risk comprehensively.

  • Our solutions are tailored individually to meet the needs of your business.
  • We support sustainable growth of Polish enterprises both in the local market and abroad.
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We are a reliable partner in insuring and financing international trade.

  • We take on the risk form banks financing exports.
  • We increase lending opportunities in Poland and abroad.
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How can we assist you?
We will help you choose solutions best suited for your business.
Our team is made up of
committed and skilled professionals, guided by common values, mutual respect, and focused on achieving common goals through partnership and cooperation.
We employ specialists
who on a daily basis support our customers by offering them unique solutions tailored to meet their individual business needs. For us, every business is different, and every business is important.

News and insights

Over the past 30 years, thousands of Polish companies* have benefited from our solutions enabling safe growth of their business in Poland and worldwide.
*from small family businesses, through medium-sized companies to the largest international corporations