We are experts in trade insurance and trade finance.

Our team of specialists deals with structuring complex and challenging export projects across the world. We are ready to partner with you and share our expertise.

Over 30 years of experience

KUKE was established in 1991 as the official Polish export credit agency. We are the only insurance company in Poland authorized to provide export insurance backed by the State Treasury, helping companies safely grow abroad.

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Why partner with KUKE?
  1. Increased lending capacity
    Securing current financing, investment financing or guarantees thanks to solutions offered by KUKE allows you to do more business with your customers and provide even more financing without stressing your credit or guarantee limits.
  2. Less risk
    You can share the risk of your transaction with KUKE. We cover up to 100% of your risk when you help your customers finance their export transactions.
  3. Increased profit margin
    Thanks to our solutions you do not have to create provisions for financing granted to your customers. This means you are able to engage less capital, increase your lending capacity, and thus achieve a better financial result on the transaction.
  4. Investments in Poland and abroad
    We enable financing of investments in Poland and abroad. We secure loans for investments located in Poland both for companies that are already exporting, and for those that thanks to these investments, are just getting ready to expand their business abroad.
  5. Increased guarantee capacity
    By securing bonds and guarantees granted by the bank, we allow you to do even more business with your customers and guarantee a larger amount of transactions.
  6. Helping in foreign acquisitions
    We secure bank loans granted for acquisitions made by Polish companies abroad. We also cover these investments against political risk and force majeure risk when they are fully operational.
  7. Facilitating growth
    We create a safe environment for you and your customers to engage in a larger amount of projects and boost your business.
  8. Foreign partners
    We work with Polish entities, foreign banks and export credit agencies from across the world.
  9. Working on a global scale
    We have an appetite for risk. We cover most of the world's export markets - even those commonly considered risky. But we also operate locally, here in Poland.

Securing domestic and foreign investments

Export Development Guarantee
We help companies start or expand their export business through investments carried out in Poland. A Polish company, or a foreign investor, may need a loan to invest in new operational capacity to boost exports. We provide the guarantee to the bank for the capital expenditure loan, thereby providing the security the bank requires to grant the loan.
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Foreign Investment Insurance
We secure the risk of non-repayment of the loan granted by a bank to finance the foreign investment of a Polish company. If needed, we may also insure the completed investment against political risk or force majeure risk.
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Our solutions supporting exports

Buyer Credit Insurance

Our leading solution that secures repayment of a bank loan extended to a foreign buyer of goods or services delivered by the Polish exporter. The insurance (or a guarantee) means the bank is certain of getting its money back, since KUKE compensates the bank in case the foreign customer is unable or refuses to pay for a variety of reasons. Now also available as the Shop in Poland scheme.

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Working Capital Guarantee

We guarantee the timely repayment of a loan to finance exporter’s current operating expenses. A Working Capital Guarantee can be used in relation to company’s general exports or a specific export contract.

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Payment Guarantee

Payment Guarantee secures the timely payment of the exporter's liabilities towards its suppliers, both in Poland and abroad. The exporter may also secure the repayment of its liabilities to banks and factors financing invoices issued by the exporter's suppliers.

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Complementary solutions

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Over the past 30 years, thousands of Polish companies* have benefited from our solutions enabling safe growth of their business in Poland and worldwide.
*from small family businesses, through medium-sized companies to the largest international corporations