Credit insurance

Our credit insurance protects you against the risk of non-payment by your customers caused by an array of events including customer bankruptcy or non-payment, issues with political risk, force majeure risk and more.

Why use credit insurance?
Grow your business without worrying about the inflow of receivables from buyers.
Enhance competitiveness
Insuring your sales allows you to offer more competitive payment terms to win contracts, without the risk.
Easier decision-making
Credit insurance limits the risk of making mistakes when selecting your trading partners, leaving you free to focus on your company’s principal activities and its strategic goals and objectives.
Lower operating costs
Credit insurance will allow you to reduce your expenditures related to buyer monitoring and debt collection.
Easier access to cash
Credit insurance protections enhances the credibility of your company in relation to banks and factoring firms, allowing for better lending and financing conditions, and significantly increasing your access to cash.
Growing exports
By insuring receivables, you can safely grow your sales to foreign customers - even in the remotest corners of the world.
How does it work?
  1. Assessment of the buyer’s creditworthiness
    You submit your application for the insurance cover and indicate which clients you want covered by the insurance. Our team of analysts will carry out a creditworthiness assessment of the buyers and assign each of them with a credit limit, that is, the maximum amount that we will cover if the buyer fails to pay.
  2. Conclusion of the insurance agreement and payment of the premium
    After a positive assessment of your buyers’ creditworthiness, you sign the insurance agreement with KUKE and pay an insurance premium on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  3. Sale of goods or services and payment from buyers
    You deliver the goods to your clients or perform the services. You can obtain funding for your contract through factoring (at KUKE Finance or another factor) and use the policy as collateral for the factor. Through factoring, you can release funds that are frozen under invoices and get cash on your account much quicker.
  4. Buyer monitoring
    We conduct ongoing monitoring of the financial situation of buyers covered by the insurance and notify you of any changes to credit limits, which can be increased or decreased depending on the changing circumstances.
  5. Debt collection and disbursement of indemnity
    If the buyer fails to pay on time, you turn to us and request that we initiate debt collection procedures in relation to the defaulting customer. In the event that the debt collection fails to produce the expected results, we will pay you the indemnity, provided that the insurance terms and conditions specified in the insurance agreement have been met.
How much does it cost?
Example: If you have the Policy Beyond Borders export credit insurance, you can cover sales with a 60-day payment term with a value of PLN 150,000 to a buyer in Vietnam from as little as PLN 756*.
*The result of the above calculation is not binding and does not constitute a commercial offer. The calculation does not take into account the minimum premium.
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Which credit insurance solution should I choose?

Regardless of whether:

  • you are a small company or a large enterprise with an established position on the market,
  • you are an exporter or a company operating only locally,
  • you want to insure a single contract or a whole portfolio of customers,

We have a solution to meet a needs of your business.

Credit insurance solutions provided by KUKE

Simple credit insurance facility allowing cover of a single transaction or a selected buyer. The insurance covers receivables from buyers from 41 countries, including Poland.

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Policy Beyond Borders

An export credit insurance covering 160 countries (outside the European Union and highly developed markets like USA, Canada, Japan or Australia) with the option of cover for a single buyer.

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A comprehensive, individually tailored credit insurance of an entire portfolio of domestic and/or foreign buyers from countries in the European Union and highly developed markets like USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.

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Safe Contract Policy

Insurance cover for a single, large export contract. The deferred payment terms for delivered goods or services provided cannot exceed a period of two years.

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Supplier Credit Insurance

Insurance cover for a single high-value export contract. The duration of the credit for the foreign buyer is two or more years.

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We will help you choose solutions best suited for your business.

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A reliable business partner
Over the past 30 years, thousands of Polish companies have benefited from our solutions enabling safe growth of their business in Poland and worldwide.
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Over the past 30 years, thousands of Polish companies* have benefited from our solutions enabling safe growth of their business in Poland and worldwide.
*from small family businesses, through medium-sized companies to the largest international corporations