Factoring Insurance

We insure receivables acquired by a factor. We have years of experience in working with factoring companies - both banks and factors from outside of the banking sector. We offer insurance of both export factoring and domestic factoring.

Who is eligible

Factoring companies (including banks) acquiring export and/or domestic receivables from their customers.


  1. Protect receivables purchased from your customers against commercial risk, and in the case of export receivables also political risk.
  2. Offer your customers non-recourse factoring, where KUKE assumes the risk of buyer’s default.
  3. You will work with a credit insurance company who has many years of experience in covering export transactions, including transactions carried out on high-risk markets.

Free up cash frozen in unpaid invoices and improve your company's financial liquidity.

  • Offer longer payment terms to your customers without hurting your company’s liquidity.
  • Save time and let the factoring company handle managing and collecting payments from customers.
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Eligibility criteria

  • We cover commercial risk, namely bankruptcy of the buyer (debtor), or a delay in payment of receivables (for more than 90 days). In case of export factoring, the scope of cover also extends to political risk, i.e. a situation where the buyer has not settled his obligations as a result of the decision made by the authorities in the buyer’s country, or a change in legal provisions in the buyer’s country.
  • We cover undisputed receivables only.
  • We cover receivables purchased by a factor arising from sales of goods or services, payable within two years in case of export sales, and within one year in case of domestic sales.
  • Receivables must be purchased by the factor before their due date, but no later than 30 days from the date the invoice was issued.

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Over the past 30 years, thousands of Polish companies* have benefited from our solutions enabling safe growth of their business in Poland and worldwide.
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