L/C Guarantee

With an L/C Guarantee, the bank's payment is assured. If the bank receives no payment from abroad, KUKE pays compensation. By taking on the risk from a bank, KUKE allows it to safely support its client’s export business on an even larger scale.


  1. KUKE assumes a large part of the exporter's bank's risk related to short-term financing.
  2. KUKE can issue a guarantee for up to 100% of the amount of secured debt due to the bank.
  3. Fast–track procedure – guarantees are issued in accordance with bank limits previously specified by KUKE.
  4. The guarantee is irrevocable and payable on first demand.

We are a reliable partner in insuring and financing international trade.

  • We take on the risk form banks financing exports.
  • We increase lending opportunities in Poland and abroad.
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Eligibility criteria

  • An L/C Guarantee covers an extensive list of countries (excluding EU Member States, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the USA).
  • An L/C Guarantee covers losses incurred by a beneficiary of the guarantee as a result of its debtor's failure to settle due payments within the deadline specified in the L/C or the post-financing agreement, if the debtor's non-payment is caused by the materialization of a commercial or political risk.
  • The credit granted by the bank for the payment of amounts due resulting from the L/C in favor of the importer's bank must not exceed the period of two years. For agriculture products the maximum repayment term of 540 days is applied (WTO rules).
  • Not only Polish exporters, but also their foreign subsidiaries are eligible for L/Cs.

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