HSBC to use KUKE solutions to support Polish exporters

HSBC in Poland will soon introduce new solutions for exporters. The bank signed a cooperation agreement with KUKE on 1st July thanks to which Polish firms will have broader opportunities for growth in foreign markets.

The agreement between HSBC Poland and KUKE foresees the bank offering new financial solutions to its export- and foreign expansion-oriented clients, which were introduced by KUKE just this year. HSBC has for years been actively supporting not only the domestic but also the export activities of Polish entrepreneurs, offering instruments facilitating financing for export-generating investment projects directly oriented to foreign investments. Concurrently, the bank is also offering aid to foreign buyers of Polish capital goods.

This year, KUKE proposed a broad range of new products and modified bonds and guarantees as well as insurance backed by the State Treasury within a comprehensive export support system that HSBC will make available to its clients in Poland under the recently signed agreement. They include:

  • Export Development Guarantee securing financing for export-oriented domestic investments,
  • Working Capital Guarantee and payment guarantees (Supplier Payment Guarantee and Supply Chain Finance Guarantee),
  • Contract guarantees and counter-guarantees,
  • Buyer credit insurance and guarantees securing financing and refinancing to foreign buyers of Polish capital goods,
  • Insurance cover securing the risk of non-repayment of the loan granted by a bank to finance the foreign investment of a Polish company.

Dariusz Kucharski and Janusz Władyczak

“HSBC Poland is actively supporting its clients in their export activities and business operations carried out abroad by offering dedicated financial products tailored to the specific and individual client needs. The cooperation with KUKE and the possibility of HSBC Poland and its clients using the extended range of security available in the form of bonds, guarantees, and insurance backed by the State Treasury will create greater opportunities to offer investment loans, including financing for foreign acquisitions and financing structures for the current activities of clients. We regard the actions of KUKE as extremely positive which, in our view, anticipate the needs of both banks and of clients actively operating in international markets,” Dariusz Kucharski, CEO of HSBC Poland asserted.

“In creating a new export support system, we wanted to help companies increase their export potential, encourage foreign acquisitions, and ensure an even more effective insurance cover of sales transactions, but we also wanted to offer their financing banks instruments that will facilitate on a much greater scale the extension of credit limits and provide much greater support to clients in their growth and development. We have been cooperating with HSBC Poland for many years now, mainly in the area of contract guarantees for the bank's clients, allowing them to effectively bid in tenders abroad. Now we’re hoping to extend the scope of our joint activities, mainly by investment and working capital financing guarantees. Smaller and medium-sized companies often struggle with the problem of getting the right credit collateral, in consequence failing to optimally exploit all the market opportunities. KUKE solutions now allow banks to increase an exporter’s financing by as much as fivefold without incurring any additional risk”, Janusz Władyczak, President and CEO of KUKE explained.

Both institutions will also undertake joint educational and promotional actions in relation to the new KUKE system in order to encourage Polish entrepreneurs to become even more active in international markets.


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