KUKE and Alstom sign billion-euro strategic cooperation agreement to increase export projects in Poland

The agreement will facilitate contract execution and securing financing for buyers for international market tenders. This is the first time a global corporation will use a new solution introduced by KUKE.

The Alstom Group has signed a one-billion-euro partnership agreement with Polish export credit agency KUKE. This new strategic partnership agreement will support Alstom by facilitating contract executions and securing financing for buyers for international market tenders. With an available limit of one billion euro, the agreement outlines the terms of cooperation that will strengthen and enhance the strategic contributions of Polish industrial stakeholders under the framework of Alstom export contracts insured by KUKE. 

Sławomir Cyza, CEO and Managing Director Poland, Ukraine and Baltic States at Alstom:

“Poland is a key market for Alstom, it plays an important role in our global development strategy and is an ideal place for us to expand. Modern metro trains and components produced by Alstom in Poland are used all over the world and the value of exports from Polish branches is growing every year. Thanks to our partnerships with KUKE, Alstom’s development and investments in the country are likely to increase rapidly.”

As a leader in smart and sustainable mobility, the Alstom Group successfully executes a variety of projects around the world. These include the latest technologies such as building high-speed railways or working on zero-emission transport systems in addition to producing modern metro trains, such as metros for Dubai, Riyadh, Amsterdam, and Budapest as well as high-end trains such as the ICNG for the Netherlands. In Poland, export projects, enabled by agreements like the one with KUKE, empower Polish companies to expand their business and build international recognition while gaining valuable skills and experience. Alstom Group is currently considering using KUKE's support in several future projects across the globe. Alstom is also a leader of signalling solutions in Polish railway market and the Group has already announced its plan to hire an additional 400 experts in Poland.

Janusz Władyczak, President nad CEO of KUKE:

 “Observing the successes of rail companies operating in our country, one can say that we are becoming a regional power in this industry. KUKE is ready to support the foreign expansion of companies operating in Poland, and at the same time their development in the country, encouraging them to invest. We have modern solutions and financial potential, which, if used properly, will certainly turn into the success of all interested parties, and as a result, the Polish economy.” 

KUKE and Alstom
Janusz Władyczak (KUKE) and Sławomir Cyza (Alstom)

This is the first time a global corporation will use this new tool designed by KUKE. Only a few Export Credit Agencies have put similar innovative solutions in place, encouraging the largest players in their industries to invest and develop technology. Despite the pandemic and protectionist tendencies in world trade, the functioning of the global economy continues to rely on internationalized supply chains involving producers from many countries. To make the leap, Polish companies must fit into this system, gaining global leaders as partners.

Alstom has been working with KUKE for many years, including in 2018 when Alstom’s Konstal site in Chorzów, Poland manufactured cars for the iconic Dubai Route 2020 Metro Project.

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