KUKE cancels all credit limits for Russian buyers

As a result of new sanctions imposed on Russia KUKE cancels all credit limits for Russian buyers.

In connection with the imposition of further sanctions by the European Union on Russia, including, inter alia, the exclusion of Russian banks from the international SWIFT settlement system, KUKE will cancel all credit limits for Russian buyers as of 28 February 2022. Thus, until further notice, it is not possible to obtain insurance cover for goods exported by Polish companies to Russia. We would like to remind you that due to Ukraine's announcement of a moratorium on foreign payments, KUKE was also forced to cancel all credit limits for Ukrainian buyers.

In case of any questions related to the current events and changes to KUKE’s policy, please contact us at: (+48 22) 108 99 70 or by e-mail: obslugaklienta@kuke.com.pl

We will keep you informed about any further decisions as the situation develops.

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