KUKE extends guarantees worth EUR 110 mln for the construction of ferries to Polish shipowners

Thanks to the guarantees received from KUKE, the Remontowa Shiprepair Yard in Gdańsk may soon finalize syndicated financing for the construction of Ro-Pax ferries.

Contract guarantees and payment guarantees support the performance of the contract

ON April 22, at the Gdańsk Remontowa Shiprepair Yard, an agreement was signed under which the shipyard received a guarantee limit of EUR 60 million from KUKE related to the performance of the contract for the construction of three Ro-Pax ferries. The units are being commissioned by Polskie Promy and from 2025 they will gradually service connections in the Baltic Sea. This is one of the largest orders placed at a Polish shipyard in the last 30 years.

Previously the Remontowa Shiprepair Yard obtained from KUKE performance guarantees for the proper performance of the contract, the beneficiary of which is the ordering party. The value of these guarantees amounts to EUR 48 million.

"The contract for the construction of Ro-Pax ferries is gaining momentum and we make it clear that KUKE's support is crucial here. Thanks to the performance guarantees, the contract has become final, and thanks to the payment guarantees obtained, we can count on financing from banks, which in turn is necessary for servicing contracts with suppliers and subcontractors. We have already secured the supply of energy systems and propulsion, and the project itself is being carried out according to the assumed schedule, which means that the first unit is to be delivered to the shipowner in 2025 ".

Michał Habina, President of the Gdańsk Remontowa Shiprepair Yard

"We are glad that we can participate in such an important undertaking, supporting this particular project of the Gdańsk Remontowa Shiprepair Yard and once again the Polish shipbuilding industry. Thanks to the use of solutions from the new export support system, we were able to jointly develop a transaction structure that ensures financing for each phase of construction of units, enabling safe and undisturbed performance of the contract. By assuming a significant part of the risk, we encourage domestic banks to open up more to financing the shipbuilding industry, which so far has been treated by them with great caution. We have excellent technologies, great professionals, the trust of Western shipowners and the potential to build more. However, the problem is to obtain appropriate financing in the form of guarantees and loans. May our new solutions and the Batory program change this situation for good".

Janusz Władyczak, CEO and President of KUKE
KUKE Remontowa Shiprepair Yard
From the left: Michał Habina i Janusz Władyczak

Ro-Pax low-emission ferries

Ro-Pax is a ferry that will be able to carry 400 people. The project includes: restaurant, bars, shop, playground for children and other amenities for passengers. The ferries will be low-emission, equipped with electrically controlled azimuth thrusters and bow thrusters, powered by LNG-powered generators operating in a hybrid system with battery support.

The units are to be 195.6 m long and 32.2 m wide. The length of the load line is 4.1 thousand. m and the maximum speed will be 19 knots. They will operate on the line between Świnoujście and Ystad, supporting the development of maritime transport.

Gdansk Remontowa Shiprepair Yard. is the largest company of the Polish shipbuilding group Remontowa Holding. It offers comprehensive technical solutions, the final products of which are fully equipped, modern ships. In addition to repairs and reconstructions, the Group has extensive experience in the design and construction of various vessels, including ferries, which were delivered, among others, by to Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain and Canada.

The project of building a new type of car-passenger ferries (Ro-Pax) is a strategic undertaking aimed at maintaining the market position and strengthening the competitiveness of Polish ferry operators, which is possible, among others, thanks to the solutions offered by KUKE.


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