Removal of restrictions and restoration of free trade in goods with Ukraine

By the decision of the government and the central bank of Ukraine, the list of critical imports has been abolished. This means that restrictions on the import of goods by Ukraine, including restrictions on payments for purchased goods, no longer apply.

Thus, Polish exporters and their Ukrainian buyers no longer have to check, in order to obtain insurance cover from KUKE, whether the goods sold to Ukraine are exempt from the payment moratorium introduced on the day of Russian aggression on 24 February 2022.

The lifting of restrictions on imports by Ukrainian entities means that KUKE can again cover the sale by Polish companies of all goods that it insured before the outbreak of war. Insurance relating to the sale of services may still be subject to various restrictions.

Insurance exports to Ukraine under the Policy Beyond Borders continues on the terms applicable from 13 June 2022, when KUKE restored insurance cover for Ukraine. We emphasize that the country is at war and trade with Ukrainian buyers is still very risky.

At the same time, the central bank of Ukraine eased the issues of currency settlements in trade with foreign entities. More information is available on the bank's website.

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