Report: Best markets for Polish FDIs in CEE and Asia

Czechia, Romania and Ukraine as well as Japan, Kazakhstan and Malaysia are the most promising markets for Polish companies interested in investing in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. The ranking is part of the report "Destination: East. Current trends and attractive foreign expansion destinations in the face of geopolitical turbulence” prepared by PFR TFI and PwC Polska in cooperation with KUKE.

This is subsequent analysis of business opportunities for Polish companies, which takes into account macroeconomic as well geopolitical factors and changes in the global economy.

The study includes:

  • ranking of investment destinations,
  • analysis of key market trends,
  • results of survey conducted among entrepreneurs,
  • analysis of the Ukrainian market, including impact of the war and the planned reconstruction process,
  • review of foreign investment financing instruments offered by development institutions.

This year's edition of the ranking includes two categories of destinations - obvious and known (1st circle) and less known, but very promising for FDIs (2nd circle). The demarcation line is the value of capital invested by Polish companies (EUR 100 million). In the first group - mainly geographically and culturally closer CEE countries, top spots are held by Czechia, Romania and Ukraine, where potentially great opportunities may open up for Polish enterprises as part of the country's reconstruction process. Within the second circle countries, Japan, Kazakhstan and Malaysia are on the podium.

"There is a chance for our business to be finally more active abroad. So far, although we have been successful in attracting investments from other countries, our regional neighbours have been better at outbound capital expansion. We want to share knowledge about the benefits and opportunities of international development and show Polish entrepreneurs specific markets worth considering when looking for investment opportunities. At KUKE, we see a growing interest among Polish businesses in going international. To reinforce this trend, we offer attractive instruments to secure the investments themselves as well as their financing, which significantly increases the security of foreign investment."

Janusz Władyczak, CEO of KUKE
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