Santander offers new export solutions from KUKE

Santander Bank Polska is the first Polish bank to offer entrepreneurs new instruments from KUKE, allowing domestic exporters to increase the funding of their investments and secure sales to foreign markets.

Polish exporters that proved to be outstandingly resistant to the unprecedented market turmoil caused by the Covid-19 pandemic will be given new solutions that will allow them to ensure even more effective foreign expansion. The instruments from this year’s exporter support system implemented by KUKE will be offered by Santander Bank Polska ─ one of the leaders in financing international trade ─ to its clients. The cooperation agreement was signed by KUKE’s President and CEO Janusz Władyczak and Juan de Porras Aguirre, Vice President of the Management Board of Santander Bank Polska.

“Export finance and the expansion of Polish companies on foreign markets remains one of the key priorities for Santander Bank Polska. Exporters are dynamic and creative businesses that are growth-oriented and do not shy away from challenges. The experiences of the pandemic have simply confirmed that banks should commit to a much broader cooperation with them and actively support their expansion. We are delighted that KUKE, with which we have already been working for years on various transactions, will be a partner in these ventures on a much wider scale. The solutions offered by KUKE this year deliver a whole new quality of support to exporters, opening up the opportunity for Poland’s much greater presence on the global market. It is also a chance to stimulate export-oriented domestic investments and convince even more companies to boldly venture out into foreign markets with their products and services. The first customers should soon be able to take advantage of the newest solutions jointly offered by us. We see great possibilities of harnessing KUKE guarantees for working and investment capital financing needs, thanks to which companies will be able to obtain greater credit limits,” Juan de Porras Aguirre, Vice President of the Management Board of Santander Bank Polska said.

The new instruments which are guaranteed by the Polish State Treasury reduce the bank credit risk related to financing export activities. Thanks to this, banks focused on speedy development will be able to lend more money to their clients for their working capital, investment and guarantee needs while maintaining the same level of risk, while others will be able to limit the risk, which will be assumed by KUKE.

“KUKE’s mission is acting in favour of Polish entrepreneurs and, above all, supporting exporters. We have been effectively doing so during the pandemic when, under such difficult conditions and uncertain outlook, Poland still managed to increase its share in global trade. Although a market upturn has begun, this does not mean that exporters will find it much easier to operate because many countries are eager to recover from the pandemic recession. We are, nevertheless, convinced that the new instruments introduced by KUKE this year will significantly enhance the competitive position of Polish exporters. This requires cooperation on the part of banks who support and finance domestic entrepreneurs. We are delighted to have signed the agreement with Santander Bank Polska, which remains one of the most active players in supporting domestic exporters. The new set of solutions encourages banks to provide more extensive financing not only of trade contracts but also of investments and acquisitions undertaken by their clients. We are offering exporters instruments that are provided by only a few other countries in Europe,” Janusz Władyczak, KUKE's President and CEO explained.

Janusz Władyczak and Juan de Porras Aguirre

The agreement signed between KUKE and Santander Bank Polska will contribute to promoting the new system of export support among the bank’s clients. Furthermore, the parties will also be able to cooperate in other fields, like information campaigns on the advantages of trade finance.

Within the export support system, KUKE has introduced new instruments and thoroughly modified the existing product offering provided with the support of the State Treasury. Working capital guarantees, guarantees for the repayment of liabilities towards suppliers, and supply chain financing guarantees are among the new guarantees that will help exporters obtain additional funds from banks and factoring companies. As for contract guarantees, the procedures and documentary requirements have been simplified, and the scope of goods and services that they cover and their applicability have been extended. Thanks to the new insurance of bank loans for financing direct investments abroad, Polish firms will be able to expand and take over competitors more easily. One of the key solutions in the new palette are guarantees for financing investment projects in Poland for exporters ─ covering both Polish and foreign investors developing production in our country.

Use of these instruments strengthens the exporter’s financial capabilities, positively influencing its relations with financing banks, and allows it to significantly scale up its operations. KUKE is working with the CMS law firm in the scope of creating the client documentation.


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