Payment Guarantee

Payment Guarantee secures the timely payment of the exporter's liabilities towards its suppliers, both in Poland and abroad. The exporter may also secure the repayment of its liabilities to banks and factors financing invoices issued by the exporter's suppliers.

A Supplier Payment Guarantee secures exporter's payment obligations towards his suppliers, both domestic and foreign. When purchasing components, materials, or services destined for export production, KUKE’s guarantee allows the exporter to obtain extended payment terms from his suppliers, thus improving his liquidity. KUKE’s guarantees 80% of the exporter’s payment obligations.


  1. A Supplier Payment Guarantee enables the exporter to obtain extended payment terms, improves the exporter’s cash flow and increases his liquidity to fulfill new orders.
  2. The exporter's supplier is guaranteed to receive payment for the components or materials delivered to the exporter.
  3. The exporter gains an excellent tool to negotiate deliveries on better financial terms with partners from all over the world, including Poland.
  4. If a foreign supplier prefers a guarantee from a well-known local bank, KUKE may counter guarantee such transactions, securing the exporter's payment obligations.

A Supply Chain Finance Guarantee secures exporter's payment obligations towards financial entities, mainly factoring companies, purchasing accounts receivables from companies supplying goods and services to the exporter. KUKE bears a large portion of the risk incurred by the financial institution (factor), allowing it to safely finance greater volume of transactions.


The guarantee improves exporter’s cash flow and increases his liquidity to fulfill new orders by benefiting from extended payment terms (e.g. the invoice with a payment term of 14 days issued by a supplier is purchased by the factoring company, allowing the exporter to settle accounts with the factoring company in 60 days).

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