Working Capital Guarantee

We guarantee the timely repayment of a loan to finance exporter’s current operating expenses. A Working Capital Guarantee can be used in relation to company’s general exports or a specific export contract.

Who is eligible

An exporter applying for a working capital loan to finance an export contract.


  1. The exporter can obtain a loan in a bank even when it requests additional security.
  2. The exporter has the cash flow to accept more orders and bigger orders.
  3. The bank shares the credit risk with KUKE, as KUKE guarantees 80% of the value of the loan granted to the exporter.
  4. Thanks to the Working Capital Guarantee the bank can increase the volume of financing up to five times and thus boost its business profits.

We are a reliable partner in insuring and financing international trade.

  • We take on the risk form banks financing exports.
  • We increase lending opportunities in Poland and abroad.
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Eligibility criteria

  • The loan granted by the bank may not exceed a period of two years (including the disbursement period and the loan repayment period). The guarantee is provided at the exporter's request to the bank financing the export contract.
  • A guarantee is issued based on a predefined guarantee limit or on an individual basis.
  • A guarantee based on a predefined guarantee limit can be used by exporters who can establish that their current activity is related to exports. This means that over the last three years, the revenues from exports have accounted, on average, for at least 20% of total revenues. If the entrepreneur has been in business for only three years, he will be required to demonstrate this share of exports in sales in the first three years. KUKE assesses the exporter’s financial standing and establishes a limit up to which guarantees can be issued. The limit will be set for a period of one year, after which it will be evaluated.
  • If the entrepreneur does not meet the limit criterion, he has the option of obtaining guarantees on an individual basis to secure financing for a specific export contract.
  • The guarantee covers up to 80% of the exporter’s obligations, and the period of repayment of obligations secured by the guarantee may not exceed 719 days.

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