Buyer Credit Insurance

We secure the timely repayment of a loan granted to a foreign buyer of Polish goods or services. Our insurance protects the bank against loan defaults or late payments resulting from commercial or political risk. Depending on the bank's preferences, we offer cover in the form of classic insurance policy or a guarantee.

Who is eligible

Buyer Credit Insurance is a solution addressed to Polish and foreign banks financing export contracts carried out by Polish exporters of capital goods.


We are a reliable partner in insuring and financing international trade.

  • We take on the risk form banks financing exports.
  • We increase lending opportunities in Poland and abroad.
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  1. We allow a bank to safely finance an export contract with a loan with repayment period of two and more years.
  2. The cover spans nearly 200 countries across the globe (in line with the current policy regarding state-backed export credit insurance).
  3. Indemnity is paid in the currency of the export contract.
  4. Payment of the indemnity is guaranteed by the State Treasury.
  5. The insurance policy serves as collateral authorizing banks to reduce the base for creating special purpose reserves for a specific agreement for up to 100% of the amount insured.
  6. One-stop-shop for multisourced export projects i.e. projects performed by exporters from several countries in the third country are covered under a single policy.
  7. Exporters are able to obtain supplemental cover against pre-shipment risk.
  8. Insurance conditions meet international standards set by OECD and the European Union.
  9. We facilitate access to the DOKE Program administered by the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

How Buyer Credit Insurance works

Buyer credit is provided by the bank of the exporter to a specified importer for the purchase of goods or services performed under an export contract. The credit may be granted directly to a foreign contractor of a Polish exporter or a bank of a foreign recipient (in the "bank-to-bank" scheme). Credit installments are paid out to the Polish exporter once a set of pre-defined, supporting documents have been presented confirming the performance of contractual obligations. After the completion of the delivery or services, the credit is repaid by the importer with a prolonged repayment date. The maximum, admissible repayment term depends on the type of financed project with on average 5 to 10-year insurance cover. 

Buyer Credit Insurance

Buyer Credit Insurance

Buyer Credit Insurance in the bank-to-bank scheme

Buyer Credit Insurance in the bank-to-bank formula

Shop in Poland

The Shop in Poland is an export initiative whose goal is to help Polish exporters find new foreign markets or to increase exports on markets where they are already active. Shop in Poland enables Polish suppliers to access large, international projects and facilitates establishing business relations with buyers of Polish goods, technologies and services. Find out more about how banks can participate in this initiative

Eligibility criteria

  • Buyer Credit Insurance is addressed to Polish and foreign banks financing export transactions carried out by Polish exporters i.e. companies registered in Poland.
  • The export contract concerns deliveries of capital goods and/or services (e.g. machinery, production lines, construction services).
  • The period for repayment of the loan is minimum that of two years.
  • The subject of insurance is a loan (plus interest) made by a bank on the basis of a loan agreement to a foreign buyer or its bank, in order to finance a specific export contract. Insurance cover can also be provided for banking fees and credit for financing the insurance premium.
  • Our premium rates are harmonized with the OECD minimum premium rates system adopted by countries which have signed the OECD Consensus.

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