Shop in Poland. Find new export opportunities.

The Shop in Poland is an export initiative whose goal is to help Polish exporters find new foreign markets or to increase exports on markets where they are already active. Shop in Poland enables Polish suppliers to access large, international projects and facilitates establishing business relations with buyers of Polish goods, technologies and services.

What are the benefits for Polish exporters?

  • KUKE helps exporters establish business relations with foreign buyers.
  • Polish exporters participate, as subcontractors, in large, international projects concerning exports of capital goods.
  • Shop in Poland ensures competitive financing for foreign buyers when they purchase Polish goods, technologies and services.

How does it work?

  1. We find opportunities. We work with numerous international banks and foreign export credit agencies. We provide insurance cove for bank loans financing investment projects all over the world, being at the same time a creator and initiator of cooperation between Polish exporters and foreign buyers. KUKE actively participates in government financing and insures loans granted to the ministries of finance of individual countries for the purpose of implementing public investments.

  2. Matchmaking. We match foreign buyers, knowing their actual product and technological needs, with Polish exporters. We enable both parties to get to know each other and start talks.
  3. Negotiations. Polish companies and a foreign general contractor negotiate contracts with each other. Banks and KUKE do not participate in these arrangements. In the next step, financing for the importer is organized with the support of KUKE. Find out more

Exporters can obtain additional support from the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, which presents the offer of selected Polish exporters to their potential foreign business partners. Later Polish Investment and Trade Agency arranges a meeting of interested parties, be it in the form of meetings with an investor or a foreign mission.


KUKE together with the Danish export credit agency EKF insured a loan arranged by the British bank Standard Chartered for the modernization and construction of maternity wards in hospitals in Côte d'Ivoire. Polish businesses will be among the companies providing deliveries or services as subcontractors of the general contractor.

KUKE Standard Chartered

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