Counter Guarantee

We share the risk with the bank issuing a guarantee, typically a contract guarantee. KUKE’s Counter Guarantee covers the recourse risk on the exporter if the beneficiary of a contract guarantee makes a request for payment under that guarantee. A Counter Guarantee may apply to a single contract, or to an entire guarantee line provided to the exporter by the bank.

How a Counter Guarantee works

  1. The exporter applies to KUKE for a Counter Guarantee securing a guarantee issued by the bank (within the agreed guarantee limit or an individual basis).
  2. KUKE’s Counter Guarantee covers the risk of recourse taken on by the issuer of the guarantee (bank) against the exporter if the beneficiary (importer) demands payment under the guarantee. A Counter Guarantee secures 80% of the guarantee amount issued by the bank.
  3. KUKE’s Counter Guarantee may be used by the exporter as collateral for the bank issuing the contract guarantee.
  4. The Counter Guarantee covers various types of contract guarantees and payment guarantees.

We are a reliable partner in insuring and financing international trade.

  • We take on the risk form banks financing exports.
  • We increase lending opportunities in Poland and abroad.
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